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Remote Support is one of the most requested computer related service by our customers in Basingstoke and throughout the UK due to the convenience and ease in resolving the problem. Sometimes, you have a computer problem that needs to be taking care of right away but you might not have the time to disconnect all the cables from your desktop and drag your computer to Basingstoke Laptops.

Remote Support when your nearest computer repair shop is miles away!

Or when you can't take your computer for repair, 'Remote Support' is a great solution for when you need your software problems fixed without leaving your home or place of business. The only difficulty in using remote support services is that an Internet connection is required. If you have a computer problem but still have access to the Internet and require assistance with your computer problems, call our helpdesk today, on 01256 411936 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get help with resolving your computer problems!

Cost-effective Remote Computer Software Support

Basingstoke Laptops "Remote Computer Support" services for your desktop or laptop computer at very affordable remote support prices. No matter where you are and as long as you have Internet access, we can remotely connect to your computer, and troubleshoot then work on the problem at hand. We can resolve most of your computer problems such as virus or spyware infection, data transfer, email setup, just to mention a few, remotely via our remote computer support service.

Because we will be performing computer support remotely, the cost per repair will be lower than if we were to send a computer repair technician to your home or place of business.

Our 'Remote Computer Support' prices are lower than any other computer repair company in Basingstoke, or anywhere else for that matter. Our remote computer support prices are low because we keep our overhead at minimum, passing the saving onto you, the client.

And no matter where you are located in Basingstoke, Hampshire or thoughout the UK, we can help you with your windows or mac osx issues via our low cost "Remote IT Support" service while you are watching us resolve your computer problems remotely.

Call us today, on 01256 411936, and let us remotely connect to your computer and fix the problems at a fraction of the cost.

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Remote Computer Support Services & Prices

RCD Remote Computer Diagnostic £25.00
RCR Remote Computer Repair
RCS Remote Computer Setup £45.00
RCT Remote Computer Training
RDB Remote Data Backup
RDR Remote Data Recovery
RDT Remote Data Transfer
RES Remote Email Setup £10.00
RET Remote Email Troubleshooting £25.00
RHDU Remote Hardware Driver Update
RMR Remote Malware Removal £30.00
RPCTU Remote PC Tune-Up £40.00
RRCDC Remote Recovery CD Creation £30.00
RRS Remote Router Setup £60.00
RSI Remote Software Installation
RSR Remote Spyware Removal £35.00
RST Remote Software Training
RVR Remote Virus Removal £45.00
RWSS Remote Wireless Security Setup  £30.00
RWU Remote Windows Update £15.00

Billing is based on 1/2 hour minimum. ** For discounted monthly contracts please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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More than a repair

Included with every repair!

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Anti-bacterial Clean
  • Hardware Stress Test
  • Operating System Updates
  • Malware/Spyware Scan
  • Phone Support after Repair

Free Courier Service*

Collection and delivery is included free as standard with all repairs. *excludes phone and tablet repairs