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Basingstoke Laptops provides state-of-the-art data and disaster recovery services and solutions for any kind of data loss and any type of virtual or physical storage media! Over the years we've helped hundreds of businesses and individuals at critical crossroads when they experience data loss or a system crash as a result of:

  • Computer/server or network failure including “BOSD - Blue Screen of death”
  • Physical damage to their computer, laptop, phone or hard drive
  • Hard drive crash including head crash and “the knock of death”
  • Accidental data erasure
  • File system corruption
  • Hacking, Viruses, Spyware, Trojans or Ransom-ware
  • Deliberate or inadvertent tampering with computer hardware
  • Flood or Fire Damage
  • Electrostatic Discharge

We have one of the UK’s most experienced data recovery centres who have the facilities to make sure you give your data the best chance possible for recovery. Call us today on 01256 411936 to organise a quote for a data/disaster recovery solution for you! Our friendly staff can talk you through the process and will provide you with all the information you need to have your data recovered by our professional engineers. You can also have the choice of dropping the drive off at our office, having an engineer technician attend to your drive onsite or arranging a courier to pick it up for you.

Our Data Recovery Process

Getting your saved data back is simple. This is the four step process:

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What should I do when faced with data loss?

STOP! If you suspect that your hard drive or storage media has failed:

  • Turn off the media immediately
  • Do not reboot, shake, disassemble or attempt to clean/dry the damaged media

DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF! You should not attempt to perform recovery of the damaged media or you might experience:

  • Unrecoverable data
  • Invalidated warranty.

What Files and Media can you recover?

  • Hard Drive Recovery includes: laptop, desktop, external, single drive servers
  • USB, Flash Memory Card recovery: CD/DVD(SD/XD Cards, voice recorders)
  • iPhone and Smart Phone
  • RAID Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Floppy disc recovery
  • Multi-drive server/SAN/VMware Recovery
  • Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint data recovery
  • All file formats including MYOB, QuickBooks and Outlook.

ukmapNationwide Data Recovery Service

We don't just recover data in Basingstoke,
we recover lost data from all over the UK!

We have helped thousands of people all across the UK with their hard drive problems and we can help you too! Your data drives will be treated with the utmost care every step of the way. Our technicians have experience repairing all makes and models of HardDrive, RAID, Tablet or SmartPhone, USB. We are data recovery specialists; if your data drive is broken, we can fix it!

  • We understand you need your desktop back fast, so we stock parts for every repair; If we don't have the part, we can get it for the next working day.
  • We treat your personal data with the utmost respect, privacy and security.
  • We can help you no matter where you are in the UK. Our couriers are fast and fully insured. Your laptop will arrive safely, get repaired quickly and be back to you before you know it.
If you have a computer problem please give us a call on 01256 411936. We'll be able to quickly help get you and your computer back on track.


More than a repair

Included with every repair!

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Anti-bacterial Clean
  • Hardware Stress Test
  • Operating System Updates
  • Malware/Spyware Scan
  • Phone Support after Repair

Free Courier Service*

Collection and delivery is included free as standard with all repairs. *excludes phone and tablet repairs