Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction Services

As a business, you want to recycle. You want to do your part to safeguard the environment by keeping used electronics and equipment out of landfills. But you have a responsibility to safeguard sensitive customer information and corporate data. Safely disposing of obsolete technology while protecting sensitive data is a job that cannot be performed effectively in-house. However, Basingstoke Laptops responsibly disposes of all electronic waste while strictly eliminating all information found on received items.

The responsibility to recycle falls on everyone's shoulders. Businesses and organisations alike are under increased pressure to responsibly dispose of waste materials and discarded item. However, the rash of recent data thefts have placed businesses in the precarious position of trying to safely recycle old computers while ensuring the data safety and business integrity.

Furthermore, organisations are being put under a microscope by the public and the government to wipe or shred all hard drives, and to dispose of all e-waste in the most cost-effective ways possible. Wiping a hard drive with in-house software is not enough to protect sensitive data. To safely ensure your businesses' discarded electronics are recycled responsibly and all data destroyed, contact us now. We'd be delighted to add your organisation as a client.

We offer the following Recycling Services!

Recycling Collection

Basingstoke Laptops offer pick-up services all over Hampshire and surrounding counties. We are able to service the vast majority of our clients at NO CHARGE. Special needs, such as electronic recycling, office closures, community recycling events, etc can usually be accommodated as well at very reasonable or no cost. Contact us here for more information.

Recycling Drop-Offs

Basingstoke Laptops also accepts recyclable materials at our warehouse location. View our Contact Us section for the address and map to our warehouse location.

Hard Drive Recycling

The destruction of data on hard drives is crucial when disposing of end-of-life, defective or obsolete computers. However simply reformatting hard drives, is not enough! Basingstoke Laptops understands the importance of data security, and we guarantee that your data will be properly destroyed. We provide hard drive recycling and disposal that eliminates the worry of identity theft or theft of proprietary or sensitive information. Basingstoke Laptops will either overwrite the data following the strict specifications of three passes for medium levels of security and up to six passes for the top level of protection or destroy the hard drive entirely.

Computer and Peripheral Recycling

Basingstoke Laptops performs computer recycling and disposal by taking unwanted, old, or obsolete equipment and recycling or disposing of it in an environmentally safe and legally compliant manner. We perform data overwriting compliant with the strict specifications set out by the UK Government or recycle the shredded drives responsibly according to strict guidelines. Basingstoke Laptops makes every attempt to reuse assets before recycling. It is often the case, however, that items are better utilised as components or parts, or simply no longer work and require complete breakdown and recycling. When the unit is completely obsolete, Basingstoke Laptops dismantles and sorts the by-products (glass, plastic, metal, wire, printed circuit boards, etc.). The products are then re-utilised or melted down for re-manufacturing. Let our in-house team handle your computer recycling and computer disposal needs to keep our landfills free of potentially useful technology.

Monitor Recycling

Basingstoke Laptops works to keep useful materials from unused monitors out of landfills and in manufacturing plants. Like computers, monitors are composed of plastics, glass, metal and components that can be reused for new products. We break these devices down into their bare components to be repurposed and reused. Along with keeping these machines out of landfills, recycling monitors also reduces the energy and materials needed to create new components by offering a viable alternative for many parts or materials. Basingstoke Laptops accepts all types of computer monitors. However, it should be noted that an additional fee may be required to dispose of CRT monitors. This fee is to negate the expense incurred with disposing of the toxic lead contained in these machines. However, all toxic materials are contained and disposed of in a safe and effective manner. Basingstoke Laptops will keep your monitors out of the landfills and place their materials in the hands of manufacturers. Contact us today to dispose of any unused monitors!

Television Recycling

Just like computer monitors, televisions contain many valuable materials that can be reused in new products. So, please do not throw your old television away at the dump. Basingstoke Laptops is an expert in television recycling and disposal.

As advances in television technology force consumers to make decisions about old television sets, Basingstoke Laptops is ready to safely dispose of your old and outdated television sets. Please Note: An additional fee may be required to dispose of the CRT (Tube) TV's. This fee is to negate the expense incurred with disposing of toxic materials contained within TV sets.

Complete List of Items Accepted

Computers and Peripherals

Complete and partial systems (working or not), processors (CPUs), optical drives (CDROM, CDRW, DVD, etc), network and communications hardware (modems, routers, hubs, etc), drives (hard drives, floppy), keyboards, laptops, mice, monitors, network hardware (servers), paper tape readers and punchers, plotters, printers, tape drives.

Subassemblies and Components

Any subassemblies of the above, boards, cables, casters, circuit boards, computer chips, controllers, disk storage products, expansion products, fans (200/240v, 115v, 12v 24/48v), motors, PC cards, power supplies, wire (telephone, networking, electrical), fibre optic (kinked or broken cable, drop, etc).

Surplus Inventory

Crib inventory, end-runs, off spec/excess parts.

Home Electronics

NO WHITE GOODS (including: refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers). But we do accept TVs (CRT, flat panel, plasma, etc), phones (corded, cordless, and cellular), entertainment goods (VCRs, DVD players, radios, speakers. Please Note: If TV's make up 20% or more of a load, a nominal fee will apply.

Office Equipment

Barcode equipment, pagers, copy machines, fax machines, telephone systems (cordless, cellular, desk)

Security equipment

Cameras, recorders, alarms, VCR's, key pads

Customised Dispositions

Call us with any questions you have about your equipment, metals or plastics.

More than a repair

Included with every repair!

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Anti-bacterial Clean
  • Hardware Stress Test
  • Operating System Updates
  • Malware/Spyware Scan
  • Phone Support after Repair

Free Courier Service*

Collection and delivery is included free as standard with all repairs. *excludes phone and tablet repairs