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Whatever you use your Laptop or PC for its highly likely that you will need to make use of office suite at some stage, so why not choose the best from Microsoft. Whether is spreadsheets or your day-to-day home admin requirements or for the workplace - in which case doing without office software is practically impossible - or for occasional home use, our range of industry-leading office software provides powerful and beautifully intuitive tools for an array of office tasks.

Microsoft Office is flexible, powerful and easy to use. It contains everything you need for creating an extraordinary variety of professional looking documents, presentations and emails. Most Microsoft Office products are more-or-less household names. Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook are familiar to all computer users.

Basingstoke Laptops offer all the Office products for all users (Small Business, Home & Student, Personal etc) and all with instant download and media-less licences. And, for those on a budget, we offer convenient one year licences.

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