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If you are looking to reduce and keep your running costs low and don’t need to print in colour, then a mono laser printer is the machine for you. Usually used for in-house printing where colour is not essential, such as receipts and invoices, mono printers are still very much a feature in many homes and businesses nationwide. With only one toner cartridge to change, mono laser printers are simpler to operate and tend to be smaller than their colour laser counterparts. As you'd also expect, mono printers are also cheaper than the equivalent colour printers and compare favourably in terms of print speed.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum, for example, a mono laser printer can be up to 4 times faster than a colour printer costing the same. Because of their smaller size, lower price and running costs and faster speed, many businesses will use a mono laser printer to 'proof' documents before they're printed in colour.

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