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The term 4K refers to two general things: First, the fact that screens with this resolution have a total pixel count that’s at least 4 times higher than that of a normal full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel screen. And the second, that the screen in question has a horizontal resolution of at least 4,000 pixels. The second definition of 4K is a bit flexible and many screens with horizontal resolutions of 3,840 pixels are still considered 4K UHD displays.

Here at Basingstoke Laptops we supply a wide range of 4K monitors, also known as ultra HD monitors that can deliver extremely sharp images with individual pixels not visible to the naked eye and because of their ultra-high clarity is invaluable for gamers, as well as photo and video editors alike. Be sure to check out below for our latest range of 4K products available from leading brands such as Samsung, Asus and LG to name a few.

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