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Find wired keyboards for everyday use as well as options designed to accommodate healthcare professionals, gamers and government agencies in our wide selection. Look for wired keyboards with the versatility you require, including foldable or washable keyboards, as well as those specifically compatible with your computer, laptop or tablet.

Our selection of wired keyboards features an array of options to accommodate every computer user. Look for gently curved ergonomic designs for increased comfort, as well as washable keyboards that can be used by anyone from healthcare workers to families with kids. Choose a wired keyboard with silent typing or one that rolls up for on-the-go use when traveling. Opt for compact designs for areas where space is an issue.

Some keyboards boast features that make them perfect for gamers or people working in specific fields. Gamers can find an assortment of gaming keyboards to accommodate any budget, with programmable keys and the speed, responsiveness and durability they need.

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