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An external hard drive is an incredibly useful piece of kit. It provides secure storage for back up files and can massively expand the storage capacity of any PC or Mac. And, though desktop models are available, most external hard drives are very light and easily portable which makes them ideal for safely transporting valuable digital files. Most external hard drives are connected via USB though there are some wireless models. And there are four main type of drive to consider when choosing the one that suits you best.

Desktop NAS drives are, as the name suggests, designed to sit on your desk and act as a permanent additional hard drive for your PC. These units tend to be larger and can massively increase the storage capacity of your computer as they can be as large as over ten terabytes. This makes them ideal for business users or home users who have large movie collections. But most of us, when searching for an external hard drive, want the peace of mind of it being light and portable.

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